Maternity Magic ~ Baby Girl on the way {Atlanta Pregnancy Photographer}

I had the honor of photographing this glowing mama today. I think as mothers and fathers we have the tendency to stay in the background, to stay behind the camera and make sure we’re capturing our little ones’ precious moments, to keep the spotlight off of ourselves - but when I look back at family photos it’s not the ones of myself as a child that make me smile, it’s the ones of me interacting with my parents, the portrait of my grandmother sitting on the hood of her first car, the photo of my dad’s reaction on the day I was born. These are the photos that mean the most to me. So this is my reminder to everyone to make sure you get in front of the camera too. Because those are the photos your kids will treasure one day ❤️ 

During my sessions, I always make sure to capture at least one or two classic portraits of mom and dad for exactly those reasons. Check out some of the portraits from a recent session below!