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Big Sister gets a Baby Brother ~ Lifestyle Session {Atlanta Newborn Photographer}

Sent off this newborn gallery last night and I am in LOVE! This session was extra special for me because not only was it one of my friends that I was photographing, it was also one of the first families I ever photographed after launching my business. It's an honor being chosen to photograph these sweet moments

Atlanta Newborn Photographer

Welcome Baby Boy {Atlanta Birth Videographer}

Being invited to film this birth was a huge honor! Video is quickly becoming my new love.

Have you thought about hiring a videographer for the day your newborn baby arrives?

Check out some of the video below - I’ve included parts 1 & 3.

Newborn Session Frequently Asked Questions!

Hey y'all! I've gotten lots of questions lately about my newborn sessions so I thought I'd make a quick post about my most frequently asked questions!

Question 1 - Do we come to your studio? Nope! All of my baby sessions are done on location at your home.

Question 2 - Does my house need to be spotless? Nope! Girl, you just had a baby! The point of these sessions is for us to capture your life as it really is. The newborn stage is a wonderfully chaotic and crazy time that passes by so fast! You'll be thankful 10 years from now that we captured some of that chaos :) But don't worry! I only said SOME of the chaos! I'll let you know what things are okay to stay out, and help you move the things that are better left out of the frame (magazines, glasses of water, etc)

Question 3 - Do I have to be in the pictures too? This is the biggest question I get and the one that breaks my heart the most. Mamas - give yourself some grace! You just had a baby! You might not love the way you look right after having a baby, but you know who does love the way you look? YOUR BABY! And your partner! And your kids! They want to see you in the pictures too. And if you are still worried - go check out my site - I promise I know how to pose you so that you are in the most flattering light.

The biggest thing to remember, is that my newborn sessions are a time for you to celebrate, cherish, and delight in your new little one. We'll take it easy, have fun, and capture the moments that mean the most to not only you, but to your babies too.

To see more about my newborn work, check out my new page here ❤️ -

Newborn photos with siblings

Newborn Sneak Peek ~ 2 Weeks Old {Atlanta Baby Photographer}

I love how the photos from this sweet lifestyle newborn session turned out! I can’t wait to share the rest.

Baby Lucas was about 2 weeks old when I came over on a chilly morning to take his newborn portraits. I loved how alert he was throughout the whole session!

Baby Photographer Atlanta

Big siblings welcome Newborn Sister {Atlanta Newborn Photographer}

I am so excited to share these images! Its always special when a family invites me into their home, and even more special when I get to photograph the newest member of their family!

These three siblings couldn’t have been any cuter when it came to looking after their little sis!